Fluency Games, Summer To-Do List


Summer is here! I’ll be pausing the blog for July as there are a lot of exciting things happening at Fluency Games!


Here’s the short list of items:

+ I will be at ISTE this summer in Atlanta, working with BrainPOP (Booth #2926) in their Game Classroom. Come by and see me if you are able to make it there!

+ A couple of additional websites have licensed Addition Blocks and Multiplication Blocks, and should be available soon (official announcements soon!).

+ I am working on the Data Tracking/Progress Monitoring for both Addition Blocks and Multiplication Blocks. Teachers will be able to monitor the progress, and kids will actually be able to ‘see’ themselves adding and multiplying faster!

+ I will be doing a research project through a local elementary school for the 2014-2015 school year. Please email me your contact information if you or your school is interested in participating in the project.

+ I have also started the development on Subtraction Smash, the next game to be released. This will be more of a ‘candy crush’ mechanic, but using subtraction! Depending on available resources and time, I hope to release this winter or early 2015.

Lastly, here are some future topics to be covered in this blog:

  • Effective Tips for Building Fluency with Speed Tests
  • Fluency Detractors
  • Using Addition Blocks and Multiplication Blocks in your Home and Classroom
  • Percent Bingo!
  • Why use games?
  • The Classroom Environment and Games
  • Simple Games for Strategic Thinking

What topics would you like to see covered? Leave a comment!

Have a great summer!